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The “My iPhone no longer works” step-by-step plan

Help! My iPhone no longer works!

Every day people come to us in a panic: help my iPhone is not working anymore! Panic in the tent! You want to call ThePhoneLab right away, but that is of course difficult without a working phone. What to do? Often the solution is relatively simple, but we have written a step-by-step plan to find out exactly what is going on.

1. Try resetting the phone

The first thing to try when your iPhone stops working is a reset, this is the solution in most cases. Read more about this in the ‘how to hard reset your iPhone’ blog.

2. Try different chargers and plug blocks

When your iPhone no longer works, it goes without saying that you first put it on the charger. If no battery icon appears, it could be that either:

  • The phone is so empty that even the red battery icon does not charge yet, so put the phone on the charger for at least 15 minutes.
  • Your plug block or charging cable no longer works.
  • There is dust in your dock connector.

In the second case it is advisable to try different cables and plug blocks. If you don’t have any other plug blocks, you can also connect the charging cable to the USB port of your computer.

When there is dust in your charging port (dock connector), your charger cannot make good contact, so that either no battery icon appears, or a battery icon but the phone does not turn on after being in the charger for a long time. If this is the case, try to gently remove the dust with tweezers or a needle. You can also always visit one of our branches for this, the removal of dust is free and falls under our free MOT.

3. Your battery or dock connector is broken

If you have tried steps 1 & 2, chances are that the battery or the dock connector is broken. This can be due to old age, water damage or improper charging of the phone. Especially the use of cheap counterfeit chargers is bad and can damage your phone.

To ensure that your iPhone works properly again, a repair is needed, an iPhone repair of a battery or dock connector takes no more than 30 minutes. You can make an appointment.

4. Your screen is broken (you can hear sound and the phone also vibrates).

If you do hear sounds and hear the phone vibrate, the screen may be broken, or the phone needs a battery reset. In the first case, a new screen must be installed, in the second case it is only a matter of loosening and clicking the battery. See our prices for the cost of replacing the screen.

5. Your iPhone no longer works due to motherboard damage

In rare cases, your iPhone no longer works due to damage to the motherboard, often water has entered it in the past or the phone has been repaired by an unprofessional company that does not take ESD safety measures during the repair. In this case, soldering must be performed. This can be done on request, please contact us.

6. iPhone does not work anymore because your screen hangs on the Apple logo after startup.

It sounds like you are dealing with a Bootloop. You can contact us for this.

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